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Express Facial (approx. 45 min) $50

This facial provides intensive care for all skin types in a short time. This treatment is suitable for those pressed for time, or experiencing their first facial. The Dr. Grandel Hydro Active line is used, restoring freshness and vitality to the skin.

Signature Facial (approx. 90 min) $75

The Signature Facial is our most specialized skin care treatment. Our skin care technicians choose specific products suitable for each client’s skin care needs by assessing the skin with our skin analysis machine. Includes deep pore cleansing and exfoliation, extraction with facial massage, followed by a rebalancing face mask and lotion. From ultra sensitive, dry and demanding to combination or even normal skin just needing a boost the Dr.Grandel product range helps protect your skin against environmental strains and premature aging.

Anti–Age Facial (approx. 90 min) $85

This facial targets pre-mature aging by firming and brightening aging skin. Our Dr.Grandel Timeless line offers an exceptional selection of anti-aging products that will help achieve a youthful look by revitalizing tired skin and work against the signs of time on your skin.

Acne Facial (approx. 90 min) $85

Skin problems very often start when we are young, but blemished skin is not just a question of age. Depending on the current state of the skin, the special formulations in the Dr.Grandel Puriface product prevent excess sebum production, treating and preventing blemishes and/or add lost moisture to impure skin, resulting in clearer, smoother skin. Gentle extractions are also performed to help remove blackheads and clear blocked pores.


Signature Men’s Facial (approx. 90 min) $75

There are considerable differences between male and female skin. Our Dr.Grandel Men line is specifically formulated for male skin, helping to ease irritation caused from shaving and depending on skin type, moisturize or mattify the skin. It also protects the skin from premature aging.

Teen Facial (approx. 45 min) 13 & under $40

It’s true, the way you treat your skin today affects how you will look years from now and it’s never to early to start caring for your skin properly. Enjoy a mini facial uniquely designed for teens, focusing on acne, excessive oil and unbalanced skin.

Firming Eye Treatment $15

This special treatment formulated for the delicate eye area provides the skin with moisture, works to smooth out the skin and has a positive effect of the elasticity of the skin. The Dr.Grandel Eye Care product range is specifically aimed to help diminish premature aging of the eye area and signs of fatigue. This treatment can be combined with any of the above facial treatments.